To be considered for admission to SHA, an applicant must submit a completed application package including:

  • Application Form
  • Certify Copy of ID document / Passport
  • Certify Copy of Last School report / Certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Short CV with references
  • Adult learners – proof of employment history
  • Interview with admissions representative

*International students may be subject to additional requirements.

Potential students must have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for Hairdressing.  A love to work with people, communication skills and a good sense of fashion is important. Students may be requested to attend a formal interview to be selected.


  • Communication at NQF Level 1.
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1.
  • 16 years & older
  • Grade 10/ Standard 8 (preference will be given to Grade 12 learners)
  • Exemptions may be made for adult learners with or without experience in the Hairdressing Industry.

International Qualifications will be taught simultaneously in a one year programme at Stellenbosch Hair Academy.  This allows students to enter the employment market at the earliest moment, giving them the opportunity to accelerate their skills-performance in the work environment.

Students wanting to achieve full Qualification are required to work under a Learnership Contract at a salon of their choice.  Although it is the student’s responsibility, Stellenbosch Hair Academy will assist the student in finding a suitable salon.  The duration of the curriculum / course will depend on the student’s ability and experience. After completing the minimum hours on the Learnership contract, students will be allowed to do the Trade Test.

Please note:
Successful students will achieve their International Qualifications (ITEC L2 & 3) already at the end of their academic period.

Students opting for a Part Time Course will be completing National and International Qualifications simultaneously over a three year period at Stellenbosch Hair Academy.  Students might be able to complete it in a shorter period of time, depending on the student’s ability and experience.
Part Time students are required to work full time in a salon and attend Stellenbosch Hair Academy once a week.  This allows the student to complete the hours required. Should a student not have a salon before they start with the course, they will have a limited period to secure one.  Although it is the student’s responsibility, Stellenbosch Hair Academy will assist the student in finding a suitable salon.

Very Important:
To complete the course successfully, students will be required to work on live models (clients).
Students are responsible to provide their own models for all practical training and assessments; however the Academy is in close proximity of the University and other businesses, ensuring students have access to numerous models.